iPhone 15 Pro: all the rumors and how it will be

iPhone 15 Pro: all the rumors and how it will be

Apple’s iPhone 15 Pro is the smaller of the two premium models, but will have the same titanium sides, USB-C port and more when it launches in September. Here are all the rumors so far.

Apple has kept the specs identical between the 6.1-inch and 6.7-inch pro models for a few generations. However, with the iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro Max, it looks like there will be some exclusive features reserved for the larger device.

The rumor cycle has been relatively chaotic for the first quarter of 2023, but things will start to firm up as we get closer to the September launch. This update appears to be quite extensive, thanks to new materials, a port change, and a mute button.

Watch our iPhone 15 Ultra video. Many of these features apply to both models.

iPhone 15 Pro design rumors

If you have seen Apple InsidersIt’s for the iPhone 15 Pro Max, there won’t be much difference for the iPhone 15 Pro. It should have the same curved titanium sides, a new curved edge display cover, and a USB-C port.

The most interesting thing is what may be missing. The smaller iPhone shouldn’t have the new periscope zoom camera or a second selfie camera.

A slight curvature is expected in the titanium edge

Display bezels are said to be shrinking again, and the iPhone 15 Pro Max may have the thinnest bezel on a smartphone to date. The iPhone 15 Pro will also have slimmer bezels, and a slight curve is expected at the edge of the glass halfway up the bezel.

Speaking of displays, even if Dynamic Island is expected to arrive on every iPhone 15 model, some display technologies will remain exclusive to professionals. ProMotion and always-on display technology will only be pro for at least another year.

The new color of the iPhone should be deep red, as shown in one of our images. The other regular colors will return: space black, silver, and gold.

The alleged design language isn’t a huge change, but it’s noticeable

Since the rim is titanium rather than stainless steel, it may have a different color finish and anodizing process. Apple has avoided eye-catching colors for the iPhone Pro in the past, but new materials may allow for better saturation.

iPhone 15 Pro USB-C port

Apple is said to be finally making the move to USB-C, whether it’s ready or not. EU regulations will force companies like Apple to include USB-C in products like iPhone by 2024.

This move prompted Apple to begin transitioning to USB-C in other products. It’s unclear how Apple will implement USB-C on the iPhone, but some rumors are circulating.

First, Apple may adopt Thunderbolt protocol for iPhone. It uses the same USB-C connector but offers a high-speed 40Gbps data connection.

Current iPhones are capable of shooting ProRes video, which generates huge files that are not easy to extract from the device. A Thunderbolt connection would provide professional users with a staggering 80x increase in data transfer speed for downloading those files.

USB-C or Thunderbolt, either way will require MFi to unlock its potential

Another batch of USB-C rumors tell a less optimistic story. Apple may continue to enforce the Made For iPhone (MFi) program over USB-C.

It’s unclear what form that would take, as the iPad Pro and MacBook both have USB-C ports with no MFi program. Notable leakers like ShrimpApplePro and Ming-Chi Kuo suggest that Apple would limit the port’s charging and data transfer speeds if a certified cable isn’t used.

That might not matter to some consumers, but pro users who rely on such fast speeds need to be careful about what cables they buy and use. Kuo even said that Apple’s 20W USB-C charger could see a surge in sales, despite being Apple’s lowest-value product.

iPhone 15 Pro “dispute” button

In October 2022, Ming-Chi Kuo shared that iPhone 15 Pro would have solid-state buttons instead of physically depressed ones. Until March, little new information was shared about this specific feature.

The new mute button can be programmable

It was then that a variety of rumors from different sources began to pour in. As of today, rumors say that Apple has abandoned the concept and reverted to the previous button design, except that the mute switch will now be a button.

To summarize, from March to April, the rumor cycle went from long buttons confirmed with gestures back to the original buttons. It appears, at least for a time, that Apple was developing solid-state buttons for the sleep/wake button, a combo volume button, and a new mute button.

It seems like it all happened so close due to the delay in reporting from the supply chain. Ming-Chi Kuo noted that solid-state buttons were being produced for testing until Apple abandoned the concept due to technical issues.

Apple has reportedly ditched the tactile buttons and gone back to the classic design

The story and Kuo’s connection to the supply chain are strong enough to assume he’s correct. However, a few other leakers continued to dispute these claims, suggesting that solid-state buttons were still coming.

Apple Insiders noted new leaker @analyst941, who has already shared a couple of neat leaks about the privacy points of Dynamic Island and its single pill form. The leaker surfaced again to share a list of supposed iOS 17 features and claim that the solid-state buttons were still active.

This leaker has become aggressive in his statements, even provocative Bloomberg journalist and leaker Mark Gurman to contradict the leaks. Gurman later tweeted that many of the leaks @analyst941 shared were not true.

A switch from the mute switch to the mute button could be controversial

At this point anything is possible. However, several leakers with long and accurate histories claim that the old button design is making a comeback without tactile functionality. A tweet from @Unknownz21 claims that a mute button will replace the mute switch with customizable actions.

September will show who was right and who has less reliable information. Our renders reflect classic physical buttons and mute button voices.

iPhone 15 Pro A17 and Wi-Fi 6E

Apple is developing its next generation A17 processor with the 3nm process. This processor will only appear in the iPhone 15 Pro models and is said to include support for Wi-Fi 6E.

This upgraded processor could be incredibly powerful. The first alleged benchmarks show a 20% jump in single-core performance.

Alleged A17 benchmarks against other A-series processors

The numbers from that leak seem exaggerated at 3,019 for the single-core score and 7,860 for the multi-core score. Even if these prove to be inaccurate, Apple tends to have at least a 10% performance increase year over year.

The inclusion of Wi-Fi 6E won’t impact many users initially, but it will mean better future protection for the spec. Implementing the specs at home is expensive and very few people are likely to have them.

iPhone 15 Pro release date and price

Apple tends to announce new iPhones in September during an Apple event. Supply chain constraints may cause a staggered release for some models, but they will all be announced on the same day.

Some rumors suggest that Apple may raise the price of iPhone 15 Pro and the rest. This is based on the new technologies and materials that are rumored for the devices.

iPhone 15 Pro renders have been created by Hans.

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