From the Audio speaker’s Press Workplace:

AH. It appears that Leader McCarthy stopped working to provide the program. accidentally publish the web page Home Republics’ “Commitment to America” ​​- and after that rush to password shield the site once more…


…however not prior to taking screenshots.

Screenshots revealing Home Republicans increasing down on a severe MAGA program: outlawing ladies’s healthcare, reducing Medicare for the senior (consisting of reversing reduced medication costs for the senior in the Rising cost of living Decrease Act), as well as striking our freedom.

AN EXTREME MAGA Dedication to Outlaw Female’s Medical care

from America commitment Participants’ toolkit:

tool kit

from America commitment Web web page:


The severe MAGA Home GOP is currently videotaping just how they plan to execute their severe prepare for a government regulation that outlaws abortion in all 50 states:

  • 166 Home Republicans, consisting of GOP Whip Scalise as well as Head Of State Stefanik co-sponsored 14. A “Life Starts With Developing” expense to outlaw the Change besides abortion fertilizingwith definitely no exemptions for rape, incest or for the female’s wellness.
  • There are 179 Home Republicans co-sponsored or verified as members A Republican Labor Board expense that outlaws abortion across the country 6 weeks after many ladies do not also recognize they’re expectant, with the exemption of rape or incest, is plainly culpable by 5 years in government jail for medical professionals.
  • 205 Home Republicans voted to sustain detaining, searching for, or prosecuting ladies that go across state lines to have an abortion.
  • 195 Home Republicans voted Contraception protests the essential right.
  • 210 Home Republicans voted The Female’s Health care Act as well as Roe v. Versus the repair of fundamental civil liberties that ladies have actually delighted in for almost half a century under Wade.

* * *

AN EXTREME MAGA Dedication to Lower Medicare as well as Social Protection for the Elderly

from America commitment Participants’ toolkit:

medicare toolkit

from America commitment Web web page:

medical attendance

Extreme MAGA Dedication to America Promises to rescind Democrats’ reduced medication costs for America’s senior citizens As component of the Rising cost of living Decrease Act, it’s repaying thousands of billions of bucks to Republican politicians’ close friends at Big Pharma.

At the same time, the frustrating bulk of Home Republicans honestly asked for going better, burrowing Medicare as well as Social Protection:

  • 158 of the 212 Home Republicans, consisting of GOP lead Participants Whip Scalise as well as Head Of State Stefanik, have actually asked for a cut as well as privatization of Social Safety, increasing the old age to 70, as well as finishing Medicare, which we understand as component of Medicare. Republican Working Committee budget for FY2023.
  • Leading GOP Legislator Rick Scott keeps pushing Us senate Republicans’ strategy to finish Social Safety as well as Medicare after 5 years.
  • Elderly GOP Legislator Ron Johnson has actually asked for placing Social Safety as well as Medicare on the reducing board for Republican politicians to reduce as they please every year.
  • 193 Home Republicans voted Versus restricting senior citizens as well as households co-pay for insulin to $35 each month with the Economical Insulin Currently Act.

* * *

AN EXTREME MAGA Dedication to Weaken Free Elections as well as Our Freedom

from America commitment Participants’ toolkit:

selection toolkit

from America commitment Web web page:

election site

Unbelievably, the Republicans’ Extreme MAGA “Dedication to America” ​​remains to honestly plant uncertainties concerning the authenticity of lawfully made use of tallies, sustaining unproven uncertainties around early ballot. Their severe programs likewise assure to make it harder for Americans to elect, remove eligible voters from the listto offer The extreme MAGA state legislatures have absolute power to change the election rules at well as assistance add extreme MAGA allies to disrupt polling stations and vote countingTo aid MAGA political leaders locate a basis for turning around the outcomes of political elections they do not such as.

  • 147 Home Republicans voted Overturning the outcomes of the 2020 political elections on January 6, also after the terrible extremist MAGA strike on the Capitol.
  • House of Representatives whipping Republican Leadership Its participants are electing versus the bipartisan Presidential Political election Reform Act, permitting state legislatures to misshape the outcomes of complimentary as well as reasonable political elections, extremist MAGA political leaders as well as authorities declining to count tallies as well as sending right political election documents, as well as also sending incorrect certifications in Governmental political elections.

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