Stellantis Offers Acquisitions to 33,500 Workers; UAW’s Fain returns fire

Stellantis offers acquisitions to 33,500 hourly and salaried workers in the United States and Canada in response to market competition and the shift to electrification.

Stellantis NV is asking its more than 33,500 hourly and salaried employees to consider in the coming weeks the voluntary acquisition announced Wednesday by SUV maker Jeep and pickup truck Ram, a response to an increasingly competitive automotive market and costly shift to electrification.

The automaker declined to provide reduction targets for both its contract and noncontract workforce, but spokeswoman Jodi Tinson said the company will make the packages available to 31,000 hourly workers in the US and Canada and 2,500 US employees. . In a statement, United Auto Workers President Shawn Fain called the proposed cuts “disgusting.”

A letter from a local United Auto Workers president circulated earlier this week on Facebook suggested the company is seeking to slash its hourly workforce by as many as 3,500 employees in response to stiff market competition and a costly transition. ‘electrification.

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