This ebike conversion kit has breathed new life into my 30 year old bike

Swytch ebike kit

I’ve had my Trek 830 bike for 30 years; My parents bought it for me when I was a kid so I could get home to school and back. While the paint has chipped in places and I’ve had to replace shifters and tires over the years, it has held up very well. After my daughter was born, I added a seat to the bike to give her new purpose. And, since I first used my bike to ride to school, why couldn’t I use it once again for that purpose – only this time it would be to get my daughter to school.

However, as she got older, it got harder to climb the hills around my town. Even taking her to school would be a challenge. But could an electric bike conversion kit breathe new life into my 30-year-old ride? I installed the Swytch ebike conversion kit on my trusty Trek to find out.

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